Speaker Sisterhood Launch Party Wednesday March 28, 9-11am

Speaker Sisterhood was introduced to me at the right time for my intention to come out more publicly with my business, be more visible, and share what I uniquely have to offer the world.  This prospect intimidates me!  Years ago when I did more public speaking and training I was less anxious about it, but during the decade of working on my doctor...

Chances are, if you have an adolescent, the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” is a hot topic, whether you know It or not.  For those of you who are not familiar, the show is constructed around the premise that a high school girl, Hannah Baker, has committed suicide following a school year marked by social aggression, sexual bullying and isolation.  She creates 13 tapes that expose the individuals she feel...

  1. Use the “Magic Ratio” of at least five positive supportive interactions to every one constructive criticism or negative interaction.  

  2. Recognize and reinforce wanted behavior and respectful interactions. (“Catch them being good”)

  3. Inquire and be interested and aware of their feelings.  Tune in to their emotional state.

  4. Initiate conversations about their thoughts, wants, needs, and sour...

​One of the many joys of parenting are those moments when you finally figure out what makes your kids tick...and then they go and spoil it by changing.  Kids are an ever changing, growing and maturing challenge.  Understanding that things will change can help parents weather tough stages and prepare for the next.

 Many power struggles emerge when there is a disparity between children’s ability...

What is power?

Through the years, power has accumulated a much maligned reputation.  It is associated with abuse, misuse and corruption. Practically speaking, though, power is simply our ability to affect change and to influence others. What gets us into trouble is when we confuse power with the ability to “make” others do something or not. That is not power, it is control.

Using your power effectively as...

Why Breathe?  (Besides to stay alive?!)

Come join us for our parenting series to learn many skills for defusing power struggles and keeping your cool as a parent!  We will be discussing and practicing breathing to help us stay calm and in control.

Paying attention to the breath grounds us in the present moment.Slowing and deepening the breath calms the body in a number of ways.  Deep breathing in such a w...

Ask any parent of any age child and they will tell you that at times their interactions with their child feels more like quelling a coup than parenting. Power struggles are some of the most frustrating and futile situations we get into with our families, so why do we engage?

One answer lies in nature.  The urge to control our environment and our fate is inborn.  A lot of times in modern society, we are t...

Are your responsibilities bleaching the fun out of parenting?

Are you too bogged down with work and household chores or too stressed out with power struggles to actually enjoy your children? 

Here’s our double dipping solution: Use a parenting workshop as an excuse for an evening out!  Have fun while improving your parenting skills!  Make it a triple dip and grab dinner out too! (We all need to eat!)


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