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Thirteen Ways to Empower and Encourage Adolescents

  1. Use the “Magic Ratio” of at least five positive supportive interactions to every one constructive criticism or negative interaction.

  2. Recognize and reinforce wanted behavior and respectful interactions. (“Catch them being good”)

  3. Inquire and be interested and aware of their feelings. Tune in to their emotional state.

  4. Initiate conversations about their thoughts, wants, needs, and sources of hope

  5. Practice mindfulness, coping, and calming skills together. (Go to yoga or the gym together?)

  6. Create opportunities for fun together

  7. Explore the character qualities that they want in friends and help them identify kids that they would like to include in their support network (ideally others who are safe, trustworthy, and good influences)

  8. Explore the character qualities that they want to develop and help them make a plan for how to become the best person they can be

  9. Find and utilize resources for support

  10. Teach them to reach out for help when wanted or needed

  11. Individually and as a family, make a meaningful contribution to something bigger than yourselves

  12. Empower your child to build a life worth living

  13. Explore together what is in their control and how to make changes where they can, as well as identify what is out of their control/ what others do that they cannot control and are not responsible for. Help them sort out how to accept/ live with that which they cannot control.

13 Survival Skills for Parents of Adolescents. June 15, 2017, 6:30-8:00.

In response to the current Netflix series on teen suicide and the issues adolescents face, we are offering a discussion to support parents as they guide their children safely through the emotional and social hazards of high school.

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