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Come and achieve the changes you would like to make through play and fun!   Life is hard enough already, without making things more difficult.  Our informal, play-based classes are a way to teach, play and learn together.  While painful life experiences occur, we can use connection, support, laughter, and fun to absorb those experiences and make real, practical, positive changes.  Our groups are play, meditation, and mindfulness in one package.  Check out some of our programs here, but also feel free to contact us if you have ideas that we can explore together!

To sign up please register here, or call or email us to reserve a spot and mail check to:

Moving in Harmony
85 River Rd, Suite A
Collinsville, CT 06019






Upcoming Classes:

Partners Moving in Harmony

Tired of work, stress and/or parenting bleaching the fun from your relationship? Here’s a chance for couples to learn how to move, communicate and rejuvenate with one another. Using simple partner yoga, relaxation, fun and just a little education to remind you of the importance of “us.”


Kids Moving in Harmony

Hoping to improve sibling harmony or to help your child learn to improve their connection with peers? This group aims to help kids move together, communicate, cooperate and most of all, have fun!!


Families Moving in Harmony

A chance to come together as a family and work together as a team.  A fun way to try new behaviors, end bickering, and enjoy one another again.

Other programs we would like to develop include:


Parents Moving in Harmony

Play your way to a happier, more relaxed home.  Learn how to establish discipline and rapport with your children and leave power struggles behind.


Moving Through Fear

Bring back the bold, fun person that you were before fear came into your life.  Use fun, easy techniques to challenge your anxiety.

Moving through trauma

When you’ve lived through extreme experiences, you’re mind and body need help processing what has happened.  Use your body, breathe and strength to allow healing to occur naturally.


Moving through change

We all agree that change can be exciting and healthy, so why is it so hard to accomplish? Mindfulness strategies help us accept where we are in the change process and move ourselves closer to accomplishing healthy change.


Moving through sadness

Light, playful activities are an antidote to the heavy weight of sadness.  Connect with others who are working to regain their energy and vitality.


Women moving together

Women often use our ability to connect to support others and gain support for ourselves.  Together, we can use these gifts, combined with mindfulness and play to get the most out of our experiences.

Don’t see what you’d like here? Contact us!

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